Your Quality Management partner


• How much notice should I give for an inspection ?

–        We can be in the factory within 48 hours, but it is always preferable to have more time to prepare the inspection, send the approved sample. Etc.

• What kind of information do you need to inspect ?

–        The more information you’ll provide, the better the inspection

–        Our inspectors must have precise information on the product itself, and a checklist of potential defects, particular points you want us to check, tests you want to carry out…. It is better if you send us a sample approved by yourself (as weil as PO, product pictures, technical drawings, etc).

–        We’ll add our know-how to your specifications


• How can I be sure that your Inspectors know how to inspect my product ?

–        Our Inspectors have a minimum of 5 years experience in QC.

–        They are specialized by type of products

–        Should your product be very specific, we can set up a bespoke Quality Control program for you, and train them to your own procedures.

• How do you prevent bribery?

1. Our inspectors do not make decision on the productions, and the factories knows it.

2. We avoid sending an Inspector to the same factory on a regular basis to avoid problems.

3. We pay our Inspectors above the average market price.

4. We have more ways that we do not disclose because they are part of our specific know-how

• What type of products are you specialised in ?

–        We can inspect basically all kinds of finished products, except food & chemicals, and have specific experience in toys, gifts & premiums, Furniture products, garments, bags, appliances and electronics, …

• What are your competitive advantages?

–        Our pricing is clear, without surprises (288 USD all-in in China) and competitive

–        We are more reactive, owe to our online order management system.

–        We give you better reports, fully detailed and illustrated, so that you can make the best decision on your production.

• Who are your clients?

–        We have many clients mainly from Europe and the U.S. We have clients from small importing companies, to major retailers with whom we have contractual relationships.

• What happens in case of Missed Inspection ?

–        We’ll charge you for the cost, we cannot have any financial relationship with vendors

–        We’ll provide you with evidence that the vendor is responsible

• What happens if, in spite of your control, I receive a bad shipment ?

–        We are not an insurance company and cannot insure thousands of dollars for only 288 USD

–        We are commited to pay up to 10 times the inspection price if our responsibility is clearly stated

–        Our method is based on sampling and, although it is very reliable, it cannot be 100% safe

–        We do not make the decision to accept or reject, but we provide with the information