Your Quality Management partner


• Which areas are you covering ?

–        We cover most Asia, from Bangladesh , India to Taiwan and most of Southeast Asia ( Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia) and China of course.

–        You can refer to our location coverage on our website for more precisions

• Where are your offices ?

–        Our main office is based in Hong Kong, we have smaller offices across China (Shenzhen, New Dehli and soon Shanghai …). But we cover all Asia, and if the factory is very remote, it is usually the same price for you

• How many inspectors do you have ?

–        We have around 50 inspectors, all of them have at least 5 years experience in QC

• Which norms do you use ?

–        Our inspectors use the International Mil Standard 105 E (ISO 2859-1) standard for Product Inspections. [That determines the number of products to inspect and the Acceptance Quality Level, according to total quantity and severity degree chosen]

–        For Social Accountability, we refer to SA 8000 standard

–        For Factory Audit, we refer to ISO 9000 norm

–        We can adapt our Inspection processes according to any specific norm you might want us to use

• Can you make sure that my product conforms to a specific norm (CE, ROHS, Etc.)?

  •  Yes, the testing engineers at our affiliated labs will be more than please to guide you through the process