Specialist in Quality Assurance
for consumer products

What is a Final Random Inspection ?

The Final Random Inspection is the most commonly used inspection. It takes place at the end of a production to assess the general quality level and classify the types of defects as Minor , Major and Critical defects. The inspection report will enable any importer to take an informed business decision whether the goods should be shipped as they are or not.

The inspection will focus on:

• Workmanship, assembly
• Cosmetic defects, colours, dimensions
• Function tests , barcode tests, shipping marks
• Comparison with approved sample
• Other specific Checkpoint from client’s own expertise

When to use FRI ?

The Final Random Inspection is ideally performed when 100% of the production is finished and packed. It cannot be conducted when less than 80% of the production is packed since it the inspection result to

Why is it useful ?

The FRI is an absolute must to protect your reputation and business.
Even with regular suppliers, goods should be systematically inspected before departure to mitigate the risk of poor quality shipments.