Your Quality Management partner



LPI offers quality control services tailored for some industrial goods and certain automotive parts.


The tailored services we propose can be designed for a more “hands on” approach at monitoring productions and/or conduct a more in-depth analysis of manufacturers Quality management Systems.

  • – Project management
  • – Laboratory testing
  • – Factory, social and environmental audits
  • – Inline and Final Random Inspection
  • – Loading Supervision


Our ability to communicate in the supplier’s language and our cross-cultural knowledge allows our client to feel more comfortable in coping with certain manufacturing issues.
For example, we can build up a dedicated team to support certain issues and centralize information through a dedicated Supplier Quality Manager.


  • • Ensure data are collected and shared properly through a feedback loop from inspectors or auditors on the ground.
  • • Use that feedback to communicate effectively with the manufacturing and management people
  • • The SQE will engage the manufacturing staff to make sure they are respecting processes in place. He could visit suppliers regularly.
  • • Provide extra help in breaking down problems, presenting data in a visual manner, facilitate root cause analysis, etc.
  • • Engage manufacturing staff in determining quality issues root causes and planning countermeasures
  • • Follow up on the application of countermeasures with the help of our team of auditors or inspectors for intermediary verifications.
  • • Conduct regular process audits to show sources of potential issues.