Who are we?

Who are we ?

We, at LPI are passionate about shipping quality products. We are dedicated to make the goods match your requirements.

Founded in 2012, LPI joined the Laboratory Pourquery Group in 2016 to complete its solutions with laboratory testing capabilities and to foster new technical synergies in the quality assurance field. With a strong quality control and manufacturing background, our team is exclusively focused on providing buyers with specialised, dedicated and efficient QA and QC solutions.

Why choose us ?


We work hard to ensure a high level of trust in our business.

The core value of LPI lies in our talented employees. We carefully take one-on-one training to help our staff develop better and cultivate employees sense of responsibility.

We also aim at contributing to a more sustainable future through an innovative approach to social and environmental accountability.

Connect with us

LPI quality, 3 Salisbury road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

  • dummy+86 1821 8812 361

  • dummy+852 2548 9072

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