Toys and Juvenile products

Efficient and systematic quality control is critical in this industry.

Thanks to its team of specialized technicians and engineers, LPI has the complete expertise in the toys industry to help you mitigate the risk of poor quality.

For both Softline or hardline toys, our expertise and know-how will add up to your product knowledge to design the best inspection checklist possible.

Our factory audit solutions will complement your needs to ensure your supplier’s Quality Management System meets your expectations.
Should you have to meet a certain international ethical standard or design your own ethical chart, LPI will be the right partner. We will help you set a rigorous continuous improvement plan to maintain gentle and positive pressure on the factory management.

# A highly regulated industry

The toy and juvenile products industry is highly regulated and it’s legislation evolves regularly. We address our client’s needs thoroughly in terms of understanding legal requirements and perform the right laboratory testing for their products.


# For every product new tests are required all the time

Our affiliated laboratories, in Asia and in Europe, are notified by the European Union to conduct the tests of juvenile products, soft and hard toys, dolls, wooden toys, etc.

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