Initial Production Check

What is IPC

The Initial Production Check is an inspection that is conducted at the very early stage of a production to ensure the factory as fully understood your specifications and instructions. Checking the production process from the start is the best way to avoid product scrap , rework and waste of time.

  • Raw material
  • Manufacturing process overview
  • Lead-time and key steps
  • Review of operators understanding
  • Comparison with approved sample
  • Other specific question from client

When to use IPC

At the very early stage of the production. ( 1% to 20% of the production complete)

why is it useful even if you have a perfect sample?

Because the manufacturing method and equipment used for samples are often very different from actual mass production. Because this service would allow to spot potential problems very early in the production when there is still time to conduct certain corrective actions. Because it’s better to prevent than to cure.

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