What is IFE

The IFE is a simple audit focused on factory’s general information such as the profile, type of customers, number of employees, licenses, working time, average lead time etc. The auditor conducts a quick overview of the production processes and checks if any quality system is in place. The audit breaks down in the below sections :

  • Factory profile
  • Major Customers
  • Number of employees
  • Working time
  • Lead times
  • Main Components / materials
  • Process steps

Every section is
illustrated with
related pictures

When to conduct an IFE?

Before engaging in any contractual relation with a supplier it is important to conduct an audit. Generally, a full technical audit might be preferred if you are aiming at a long-term and regular collaboration with a particular manufacturer while the IFE is a less expensive solution before placing a one-shot order for example.

Why is it important to verify a supplier?

Meeting a supplier at a trade show or through an internet platform will never be enough to genuinely assess their capacity to fulfill your requirements. The price for this service is probably a very little fraction compare to the potential cost that could occur from not really knowing who you are dealing with

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