During Production Inspection

What is a during production inspection?

The During Production inspection is an in-line inspection that allows to assess the quality of a production based on standard Mil 105-E Std. The technician will randomly pick-up a number of finished and packed products to assess products quality. The technician will also report the situation of half finished products, raw materials etc. (storage, possible shortage of raw material, etc.) The During Production Inspection focuses on:

  • Workmanship, assembly
  • Cosmetic defects, colours, dimensions
  • Function tests
  • Comparison with approved sample

When is the dpi performed?

When at least than 25 % of the production is finished and no more than 80% finished

Why is it useful?

The During Production Inspection will allow you to detect defects early in the production and thus implement any corrective action if necessary. Maintain a gentle pressure on the factory during the production to improve overall quality. Verify wether the production is really on schedule to be completed for your expected ETD

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